What can I say about me?

(Other than I don’t really like talking about me.)

Let’s break it down this way.

The way the mirror sees me:

A not-repulsive white Anglo male, aging gracefully who is:

  • A bit of a wine connoisseur
  • On keyboards / bass / vocals / beer-detail in a part time garage band
  • A survivor of industry-killing downsizing and an ill-advised long term marriage.
  • A burgeoning long-distance runner
  • An as-yet-undiscovered multi-disciplinary creative force to be reckoned with.
  • Skilled at overstating things.

The way the world sees me:

A mostly skinny, definitely bald, middle-aged hipster-wannabe who is:

  • Wondering what the heck happened to 50 years?
  • Needing more fashion advice
  • Sporting eyebrows from pipe-cleaners
  • Incalculably and gleefully committed to a new marriage to a fantastic woman who is way out of his league

So what?

At my core, I believe we humans are at our best when we embrace our tribal nature. If we listen to our instincts, we take care of each other and a quality of life follows organically. Technology of today allows us to fulfil this need in ways better than at any time in history.

So, I plan to populate these pages with wisdoms and ideas of my own and of more sagely persons wherever and whenever they may be.

I hope you will glean something useful

Bonus info

I hope my epitaph would read, “He’s dead now. But, damn, he sure lived!”