The Big Secret

Spoiler alert – you can eat any food you want. It’s the quantity you have to keep under control. There is a trick to this that doesn’t come naturally, takes willpower but it’s free and suffering is not required.

My name is David. I am male (big surprise), 54 years old, white of very mixed European heritage. I work at a desk 40 hours a week (a recipe for chronic flab).

In this journey, I want to explore the methods I use to do that without dieting, purging, pills, vitamins, money or medical intervention.

In fact, all you have to do is start eating only the food you need and your body will do the rest. Your body knows your ideal weight and will go there given only the amount of fuel it needs.

You can accelerate weight loss by providing less, but I don’t recommend it. It took years, maybe decades to accumulate that extra padding.  It may take the same amount of time to get rid of it.

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