First Thoughts

There’s a throwaway joke in Wallace & Gromit’s movie “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” wherein the camera pans across jars of pantry items like jam and peanut butter. We see a jar labelled “Middle-Aged Spread”. Hah.  Sets up a theme of the movie.  Also this column.

2183WGCrackersAboutPackI’ve never been considered overweight, never thought of myself as fat. That is until I looked in the mirror at age 40 or so.  What the heck happened?! I had a bump.  A baby bump.

I lived with my bump wondering about it for another decade when I stepped on the scale using the prescribed proper method: first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. And I had a heart attack!  (Not the really bad kind.)

I was 185 pounds! Zoinks!  When I was a kid, I yearned to be 185 pounds like the football players, and gym jockeys.  I achieved this but certainly didn’t look the way I wanted to.

To shorten this introduction, I shed 25 pounds to a much improved 160 pounds. Lots of people have done that, so no need to write about it.

However, I did it without starving, suffering, dieting or spending any money. That’s a little unique but still not that special.

For the next year, I have maintained the weight, again without suffering. Only grumping around once in a while.  Is that worth talking about?  I don’t know but I can tell you that whenever people asked me about it, I found I had a lot to say. And never the same thing twice.  Lots of swirling ideas that are starting to gel into… mmm.


What, though? A perfect storm of thoughts that worked together, that still work together to sustain something good.

A series of concepts.

Is it a philosophy? A religion? Dogma?

No. Let’s call them a collection of understandings.  A bunch of “a-ha” moments that make weight control a lot easier.  No fooling.

That’s worth expressing and sharing. So stay with me as I unravel and organize all these notions in a meaningful way. Hopefully, at the end, basking in the glow of a journey well arrived, like at the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we’ll be able to appreciate the whole experience and take away what we need and apply it every day without really thinking about it.

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