Another one?!!

OMG. Yet another column on weight control.

I see. So, what are you selling?

Nothing being sold here. No snake oils. No programs. No miracles, quick-fixes, foods. I have nothing against those things, I just don’t need any of them.  I don’t think you do either.

Whatever I’m offering is free. No charge.  Not now.  Not later.  Heck, I don’t even get a charitable donation receipt.  I’m just sharing something.

So,… What then?

Everybody has and will have problems. What I hope to share is a process of reprogramming one’s self to deal with one of those problems, the one that causes you to feel poorly about yourself, your self-image, lose energy, suffer bad sleeps, develop a bad disease, or even die way too early.

I’m talking about weight problems, the premiere first world problem.

I think I may have found a way by evolving an understanding of how everything works and can work against you. Then you can use the understanding to take control.

It’s a bit of a shift in thinking and it takes time to come over to it. But it can be done.  Give it some time.  I’ll try to make it enjoyable, maybe even fun.

And you’re invited to participate, offer ideas and give me a hard time.

Let’s see where this takes us.


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